What is Mind and Metta?

Mind and Metta is a NGO committed to the global spread of meditation and mindfulness to reduce all kinds of suffering in this world. Metta is a Pali word that is most often translated as “loving kindness.”

Mind and Metta was initiated to support the work of Mae Chee Brigitte, a Buddhist nun from Austria. Mae Chee Brigitte is a unique person who bridges the gap between different cultures and religions. Her capacity to teach and spread metta and mindfulness amongst various types of people is well recognized internationally. She has been living and teaching in Thailand for over 30 years.

Mind and Metta is for initiative, enthusiastic, self-responsible volunteers and interns to support communications marketing.

As an intern/volunteer, you will be working closely with MC Brigitte and get support from experienced board members.

Scope of the internship / voluntary service at Mind and Metta. The tasks can be divided into sections. They include:

1. Developing a content strategy for the online ecosystem

  • Make content strategy for social media channels
  • Develop MC Brigitte’s social networks: Facebook, Youtube Channel. Write a position /qualification paper. Communication concept.
  • Create short videos: explaining what the classes are, interview with Meditation Masters, testimonials of students from a retreat

2. Initiating public relation and online promotion activities

  • Write articles to promote Mind and Metta and the teaching of mindfulness
  • Identify and contact influencers, websites who have interest in meditation to write about Mind and Metta
  • Media Relations: contact journalists or magazines in the field of mindfulness or meditation

3. Helping understand what MC Brigitte’s students want

  • Conduct targeted online surveys to improve teaching experience
  • Follow up after a retreat with communication
  • Benchmark other comparable online meditation classes to generate ideas

4. Assisting in the development of new online meditation formats

  • Work on creating new specific formats of teaching and test them (meditation for beginners, meditation on specific topics)
  • Design a course for students at universities to learn meditation
  • Assist MC Brigitte in using new channels and apps (e.g. Insight Timer live)


The internship / voluntary service can start immediately. The working schedule is flexible.

How to apply:

Please send a motivation letter and a CV to mcbridge.it@gmail.com

More information on Mind and Metta

Mind and Metta is a project committed to the worldwide spread of meditation and mindfulness and supports people and projects that contribute to the reduction of suffering in this world. It is currently in the process of being registered in Germany as a not for profit.

With the help of meditation, mindfulness and kindness (in pali language: Metta) are developed. Numerous scientific studies prove the positive effects of meditation on physical and mental health. In addition, meditation promotes the feeling of connectedness as the basis for better social interaction, for greater international understanding and for the creation of a stronger environmental awareness.
Mind and Metta has set itself the goal of promoting national and international projects for the dissemination of meditation. On the one hand, the association offers support for meditation teachers as well as for meditation students in need. On the other hand the association contributes to the creation of structural conditions, such as the construction of meditation rooms.

Furthermore, Mind and Metta supports various social projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Various traditional schools of meditation practice have their origin here. The association offers material help for the needy or disadvantaged on site as well as support for local organizations. Mindfulness and friendliness find a direct, practical implementation through these social projects.
For more information on MC Brigitte, see: