Meditation Retreats in Thailand

Vipassana meditation retreats free of charge, in a natural environment surrounded by rice fields in an original Thai temple, located on the fringes of Bangkok, only about 40 minutes from Suvarnabhumi airport. Teachings in English-, German- and Thai language, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.


Upcoming Retreats

Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand
November 1, 2021-November 7, 2021
Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand
December 1, 2021-December 7, 2021
Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand
January 1, 2022-January 7, 2022
Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand
February 1, 2022-February 7, 2022

About Acharn
MC Brigitte

Acharn MC Brigitte Schrottenbacher teaches Vipassana Meditation and other Meditation technics at Wat Prayong Gittivanaram International Meditation Center. On request of the Ven. Phra Acharn Thawee Baladhammo she started teaching Meditation to foreigners in English and German Language since 1992.


Social projects
of MC Brigtte

Since 2005 MC Brigittes Social Projects support at least 108 nuns with a monthly donation. Nuns (Mae Chees) are not so good supported in Thailand. The people think that supporting the monks will bring them more positive karmic results, because monks have to keep 227 rules, whereas nuns only keep 8 precepts.

Nuns mostly need to support themselves and without any income this is not an easy task. Especially for those who do not have relatives to support them. In 2005 – after completing my teaching tour through Europe – having some donations left, I decided to share to my “sisters” in Thailand. With your help, I will be able to continue this project for a long time!!!

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