Thailand Meditation retreats

Experience Vipassana Bangkok Meditation Retreat at Wat Prayong

We are happy to see both newcomers and experienced practitioners at any of our Bangkok Meditation retreat classes and also our Online Bangkok retreat classes.


Everyone is welcome to Join the community & participate in our Bangkok meditation center`s life & community. its also a great way to meet like minded individuals and friends.

Whether you are traveling in Thailand or have chosen Thailand as your home our Bangkok retreat Center provides Vipassana meditation for beginners & experiences meditators

Stay at Wat Prayong Bangkok meditation Retreat Center and immerse yourself in our wonderful vipassana meditation program with experienced Samatha Vipassana Meditation teachers.

Benefit from practicing in a real Thai temple with real Buddhist monks and nuns in a natural and peaceful environment surrounded by rice paddies and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Vipassana Meditation Centre Thailand

Monthly Meditation Retreat Thailand Schedule

Here are the daily Schedules for a Typical Bangkok meditation retreat at Wat Prayong Meditation Centre

Arrival day at the Meditation Retreat

Arrive before 16h receive accomodation & change to white clothes
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting
18.30h receive the 8precepts and a short welcome talk from the abbot, first instructions by mc brigitte
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

2 – 6 day of the Meditation Retreat

04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
tea and coffee
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h – 09:45h walking meditation
10.00h – 10.30h guided meditation
10.30h offering lunch to the sangha and mindfully eating
12.00h – 14.00h midday break
14.00h – 14.45h walking meditation
15.00h – 16.00h afternoon working meditation
16.00h – 17.00h break
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting and meditation with the monks
18.30h – 19.50h evening teaching and guided meditation
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

7th day of the Meditation Retreat

04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h we meet at the chanting hall, the abbot gives the 5 precepts and a short departure talk.
after the abbot’s talk you can give donations for the temple to him (for food, electricity, water, maintenance)
10.00h we free living fish in the canal nearby
11.00h lunch – after lunch the retreat is completed.

Donations for the Meditation Retreat

All Meditation Teachings are given FREE of Charge by MC Brigitte. Personal donations to the teacher are welcome, to support her works and social projects. Please give these separately to MC Brigitte.

To Cover the costs of the Food, Free accommodation, electricity etc. and to (pay it forwards) to others on their meditation journey Donations are always appreciated with utmost gratitude.

Donations towards the cost of the temple can be given to the teacher on 6th day of the retreat at the evening session 18:30h

If you are unsure on how much to donate, usually most centers that provide free accommodation, food & temple upkeep would require approx 10-15 USD or Euro daily.

Where are we?

Where is the Bangkok Meditation Retreat?

Here is a map on how top get to Wat Prayong Bangkok meditation Centre in Thailand

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Pictures at Wat prayong Bangkok Meditation Retreats Thailand