Experience Vipassana Meditation at Wat Prayong

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Stay at Wat Prayong and immerse yourself in our wonderful vipassana meditation program with other like-minded members.

Vipassana Retreat in Thailand

Monthly Retreat Schedule


arrival day
arrive before 16h receive accomodation & change to white clothes
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting
18.30h receive the 8precepts and a short welcome talk from the abbot, first instructions by mc brigitte
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

2 – 6 day of the retreat
04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
tea and coffee
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h – 09:45h walking meditation
10.00h – 10.30h guided meditation
10.30h offering lunch to the sangha and mindfully eating
12.00h – 14.00h midday break
14.00h – 14.45h walking meditation
15.00h – 16.00h afternoon working meditation
16.00h – 17.00h break
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting and meditation with the monks
18.30h – 19.50h evening teaching and guided meditation
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

7th day of the retreat
04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h we meet at the chanting hall, the abbot gives the 5 precepts and a short departure talk.
after the abbot’s talk you can give donations for the temple to him (for food, electricity, water, maintenence)
10.00h we free living fish in the canal nearby
11.00h lunch – after lunch the retreat is completed.

donations for the teacher can be given on 6th day of the retreat at the evening session 18:30h



What do people say about the
meditation retreat at our temple?

MC Brigitte – i’m so appreciated for everything, you’ve done for me and for other people in this world! Your care and deep intention to help is SO important for the lost souls, like i was, when i came first time to Wat Prayong! I don’t know what would i do if i didn’t meet you! You’re like the mother and the teacher at once! Thank you so much, your retreats are always so balanced and deep and gave me SO much! I wish you be very happy and healthy long-long time and free from suffering!

Alena Kovalchuk

I completed a meditation retreat recently this year. So far it has been a wonderfully fulfilling experience in my life, so I am happy to write this review. MC Brigitte is so kind and helpful person, sharing her knowledge of this practice with grace and humour. I felt privileged to have been tutored by her. If you’re ever had the chance to meet MC Brigette, you can agree that she is one of the loveliest person you’ll ever know.
I feel very fortunate that I was able to share this experience with a group of wonderful people. After the retreat, I definitely want to continue practicing.

Thank you for everything MC Brigitte.)


Because of her, i was able to practice Dhamma with other good teachers.
I was able to find peace.
I still love her guided Meditations.
Thank you for all the teachings and translations.
Metta and Mudita !

Martin Scheiber

Wonderful place to meditate and learn dhamma. Great for Westerners

Teneshia T. Samuel

Wonderful person and teacher

Gabi Luise

Where are we?

Where is the meditation center?


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meditation retreat at wat prayong