Vipassana is the microscope of the noble One. Samatha is the telescope of a Buddhist. Morality is the ladder leading to concentration. Concentration is the ladder leading to wisdom.

1. Right View – Seeing the 4 noble truth: Suffering – Cause of Suffering – Cessation of Suffering – The Way leading to the cessation of Suffering (Eightfold Path)
2. Right Thought – Thoughts of Renunciation – Thoughts free from hatred – Thoughts free from selfishness
3. Right Speech – 
Avoiding 4 kinds of wrong speech: Telling lies – Tale bearing – Harsh Speech – Senseless Speech
4. Right Deed – 
Avoiding 3 kind of wrong deed: Abstain from killing living beings – Abstain from stealing – Abstain from Sexual misconduct.
5. Right Livelihood – Having an occupation which does not violate right morality.
6. Right Effort – 
Avoid the arising of unwholesome – Overcome unwholesome which has arisen – Support the arising of wholesome – Continue to support wholesome which has arisen.
7. Right Mindfulness – 
Mindfulness on the Body – Mindfulness on Feelings – Mindfulness on Consciousness – Mindfulness on Mental objects.
8. Right Concentration

1 and 2 belong to the group of wisdom;

3, 4 and 5 are the group of morality;

6, 7 and 8 are the group of concentration.
The Lord Buddha taught, that following the eightfold noble path, is leading to the attainment of arahatship (enlightenment and liberation from suffering)! For the attainment of Nibbana you have to: practice Samatha Meditation (Tranquility Meditation), Vipassana Meditation (Insight Meditation), Develop four Jhana (Absorption), develop Vipassana Nyana (Insight Knowledge), to see and fully understand the true nature of things.

Practice a lot is better than talk a lot!