16 Predictions of the Buddha

By Phra Khru Palat Veeranon Veerananto

Translated by:  Surapong Rongkawit, Thananya Rongkawit

Revised by: Mae Chee Brigitte Schrottenbacher


          We were fortunate enough to have been introduced to this book by a relative.  Her intention was to give us the same experiencethat she had obtained a while ago.  We have always been interested in this matter since we saw a documentary about Nostradamus, as many of his predictions have astounding accuracy.  The predictions or forecasts in this book are very parallel to those of Nostradamus’ but with diverse context which we personally can associate with even more, because many of the predictions became part of our history.  Many of them are part of our daily lives. 

          As Buddhists, we feel that this kind of knowledge and information should be given to the world to learn and benefit from it. One important thing to do was to put it in a language that people can understand.  We can not change the history but we can try to change future with what we have learned out of the past. This book can give the reader a great deal of thoughts and inspiration to do so.  We certainly hope that this book will enlighten you in one way or another as it has us.

Surapong Rongkawit

Thananya Rongkawit

01/01/2008 A.D.


          This book of Buddha’s predictions was printed for the 5th time (first time in English).

          For those of you that have read the previous book, there might have been an improvement of the literary style with clearer explanations which mentioned the changes in the world that occurred in the past, happening in the current and will happen in the future, involving nautical catastrophe like tsunami and earthquakes throughout the splitting of tectonic plates.

          The second part mentions things that happened in Siam and global society.

          The third part is about predictions that religious teachers have made. The book also demonstrates preparations for the confrontation with obstacles that will occur in the future.

                   I advice the readers of this book to not neglect any chapter, each page will be beneficial to your life and also gives advice of how to conduct in business life in the present era.

          May all of you be fortunate and safe at all time.

                                                Phra Khru Palat Veeranon Veerananto

16 Predictions of the Buddha

          This book tells about Buddha’s predictions concerning King Pasenadis’16 dreams.  In my opinion these predictions will be of value to those who are interested in studying future events. I tried to keep to the original text as much as possible and only put it in to a more simple literary style, so that it can easily be understood by laypeople. Consider its truth by yourself and may be you can pass this knowledge on to your descendents, to make them also understand that this “old truth” is still applicable nowadays.

           Further I want to ask you to use your ability of reasoning and contemplating the truth behind these predictions and apply the so gained knowledge in your daily life.

          Back in the lifetime of the Buddha there was a king named Pasenadi of Kosala region who had faith in Buddha.  One morning short before he woke up, he had dreamed of 16 omens that frightened him. He was worried – not knowing whether the good or bad things he had seen are going to happen or not.  He went to Jetavana Vihara Monastery to ask the Buddha about the meaning of those 16 dreams.  Buddha explained the meaning of those 16 dreams as follows.

Dream No. 1

          King Pasenadis’ first dream: – he saw 4 stout oxen came running from all 4 directions.  Furious with anger and grudges they looked like they wanted to fight until death.  But when they got close to each other they just retreated without crashing at all.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Inauspicious) In the distant future, there will be natural disasters happening everywhere. Rain will not fall in time.  There will be very large clouds coming from 4 directions and it seems that there will be heavy rain. Once all 4 clouds have gotten close to one another, they will retreat without a drop of rain falling to the ground. The results will be draught.  Humans and animals will be famished and die in large quantity.  Survivors will become immoral and finally the 4 superpower countries in the world will declare war, they verbally fight with each other and try to destabilize the opponents but all of this will not bring any results or changes.  This type of calamity will occur in the future and can be seen and heard not too long from now.

Dream No. 2

          King Pasenadis’ second dream: – he saw all kinds of trees, not big enough to be able to bear flowers or fruits but they were full of fruits and flowers to the extent that the branches and limbs nearly could not support them.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Trees) In the distant future, daughters that are too young to have husbands, desire to be married and start a family in their young age.  Some have indulged prior to their marriage without shame.  Once they are pregnant they will find a way to abort their fetuses (similar to the adolescent in today’s society). With those unwholesome actions they commit great sins which will have their results in their future.  Some adolescents will be under the care of their parents, some have parents that can’t take care of them. Neglected, they become vagabonds practicing petty crimes like theft and later even robbery.  Some become beggars, drifters with no parents, families or a chance for education, no home or domicile, sleep wherever they happened to be when it’s getting dark. Some may stay on a bridge waiting to rob someone to support themselves.  Those that are attractive become prostitutes.  Some grow up to be hooligans extorting protection money from new comers.  Some just sleep on the roadside.

Some will entice those kids that have problems with their parents or come from broken families, to become their followers by offering help at first but once the kids can’t perform their tasks they will leave them without food in misery.  Some of the kids’ limbs will be amputated or their fingers and toes will be cut off so that they become handicapped and turned into beggars.  When it’s time to beg they will be taken by vehicles to various locations but the boss will be well dressed sitting around monitoring the activities.  When it’s time, the vehicle will pick them up.  This type of calamity will occur in the distant future.  Those that live in that epoch will see many of such activities everywhere, day or night without shame and it will not be too long before it can be heard and seen.

Dream No. 3

          King Pasenadis’ third dream: – he saw a herd of cows and bulls drinking milk from their offspring.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Bovine) in the distant future, parents will depend on the labor of their children. Food and other goods, including money, will be provided by their children.  In that era, parents will have to specially please their children. They will have to be biased if there are several children and their financial status is not equal.  Parents must flatter and praise their children; they must talk politely to them in order to get them to share their money.  If parents do not talk nice to the children, they will not get any of the shares from them and may get sent to old people’s facilities (Nursing homes).  The children might curse at them or chase them out of the house to live alone.  Perhaps they will buy life insurance on their parents and get rich after their death (they might have a nicer funeral).  This type of calamity will occur in the distant future, it will not be long to hear and see it happen.

Dream No. 4

          King Pasenadis’ fourth dream: – he saw group of people harnessing calves to pull their wagons and beat them when they couldn’t do so.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Bovine) in the distant future, people will favor fresh graduates who lack experience, ability, omniscience and circumspection and still do not understand social customs, to govern a country, economy, society.  They allow them to govern the affairs of the country which is a difficult task. Because of their inexperience they bring about mistakes, they can’t keep up with changes that occur rapidly, and they lack responsibility and create trade deficits which will ruin the country.  People that elected them become dissatisfied with the way they govern the country. They will score them without trying to help them to solve the problems.  Protests will occur periodically. 

Those who have warm and supporting families will be able to cope with it.  Those not having family will have to flee the country and some will commit suicide to escape from those problems.  Some will have to separate from families and cause affliction to their wives and children.  Such incidents have occurred countless times all over the world.  Sometimes they will kill each other because they do not want to be chased away.  Sometimes they work for the country but disobliged their superiors or their financial supporters in election time, so they will end up getting terminated. 

Some that used to conduct business together in the past and became powerful but could not benefit their clansmen enough will get deposed from their positions.  Those that are equally powerful will use the country’s interest in bargaining and cause dilapidation to the country.  Some will bring down their superiors to steal their power and hope the people will believe that their superiors are on their side to gain trust and power.  Both groups weaken or even destroy the country for their own benefits.  This type of calamity will occur in the distant future.  It won’t be long and you will hear and see it happen.

Dream No. 5

          King Pasenadis’ fifth dream: – he saw a one headed horse with two mouths which can eat grass with both mouths but will not get full no matter how much it eats.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Equine) in the distant future.  Judges will extort money from both sides of the parties as bribery for inquisition.  Some cases will get postponed to acquire more money. They will request all kinds of fees for their own satisfaction without mercy or ethics.  If they do not get what they want they will not take the complaint.  They will shamelessly demand as much as they desire. 

For small cases, they will demand according to the proportion and for big cases they will demand for the maximum and only then they will pronounce the case or overturn the case.  They will annihilate law and justice.  This type of activity will occur all over the world in every society.  This type of calamity will occur in the distant future.  It won’t be long and you will hear and see it happen.

Dream No. 6

          King Pasenadis’ sixth dream: – he saw a group of rich people bringing extremely expensive golden trays for foxes to defecate and urinate on them.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Golden Tray) in the distant future there will be foolish people claiming to be knowledgeable and trustworthy.  They are well known in society, mature but unreliable and they will propagate that they teach the Buddhas’ teaching.  In reality they teach out of selfishness, desire and lust and try to distort the Buddhas’ teachings. They try to adapt the Buddhas’ teachings, and blend it with their doctrine and declare that my teachings are part of their doctrine which will make most people misunderstand and assume that my teachings can blend with their doctrine and believe that they are one and the same.  But those doctrines can’t comprehend the value of my teachings in any way because their minds are not pure.  This type of people will exist in the future after my death.  There will be a great variety of doctrines that will claim to be religion.

People from families out of lower social status will raise their status with education and gain important position.  People from higher social status will have to give their daughters to people from lower status because it’s the era for lower people to gain power. This happens because those families from higher status live in negligence.  Not too far in the future all will hear and see, there will be more turmoil in religions.  Monks will deteriorate in discipline, not obeying their disciplinary rules.  They do not practice like monks but like laymen and are only interested in rank and status.  Their followers will try to bring them rank and titles. There will be great disturbance in religious circles and people will lose their faith and start to look for other refuges. They will turn to mediums, magic and fortune tellers because they can give them better advice than psychiatrists.  There will be more of these things happen in near future; we will be able to witness this.

Dream No. 7

          King Pasenadis’ seventh dream: – he saw a man weaving books into ropes on a bench and there were foxes waiting to bite and eat the rope when it’s completed.  Once the rope was completed the foxes ate it all up.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (A man weaving rope) in the distant future, people with immoral mind will obtain titles, working in high office and relying on the power of the king. They administrate the affairs of the country on the behalf of the king with foolishness, lack of intelligence and impolite speech, revealing intern secrets of the palace to the common people.  People from different doctrines with bad intentions towards the king will hear this and lose respect for the king and the whole dynasty.  This type of calamity will occur in the future, it will not be long and we will hear and see this. Those people with bad intentions toward the royalty will become destructive (like Wasakala Brahmin).

Dream No. 8

          King Pasenadis’ eights dream: – he saw large earthen jars and small earthen jars in the same location. People will stand in queue to fill those large earthen jars with water until they overflow but no one care to fill those small earthen jars.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Earthen Jar) in the distant future people will make donations selectively.  Senior monks with higher rank will get attention and people will give too much offerings with expensive goods and food, whereas novices sitting beside those senior monks will not be presented with any offerings at all.  The people will have to work much harder to pay their tax to the country without thinking of saving some for themselves. They will seek accommodations which satisfy their desires for luxury and comfort without end.  This type of calamity will occur in the future.  It will not be too long for all to see and hear.

Dream No. 9

          King Pasenadis’ ninth dream: – he saw a pond with clear water but the water in the middle of the pond was muddy and dirty. All animals went to the center of the pond to drink but they didn’t care about the clean and cool water at the ponds bank, they just smelt it and passed by it.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Large pond) in the distant future people will be endlessly greedy, they can’t get enough possessions.  Honest work will not be desirable because the small salary they receive for it is not satisfying to their greedy minds.  They apply for jobs in politics and once voted they handle the states affairs and finances with corruption. They try to get as much as possible out of their job as long as they have it. They work with the motto “may the best man win”. This type of calamity will occur all over the world, in every country and every territory. It will multiply enormously and cause turmoil on every continent. Some will be more corrupt than others and then they will eventually expose each others’ secrets and can’t get along anymore.  Each party will have their own clique.  Occasionally there will be revolutions and coup d’ etat because of fights among the demons in suits.

Capitals will not be suitable living places because of an increase of dangers.  The public will migrate to rural areas.  This type of calamity will occur in the future.  It will not be too long for all of us to hear and see.

Dream No. 10

          King Pasenadis’ tenth dream: – he saw rice in a pot which was in different states of the cooking process. Cooked in one section and half cooked in another section and totally raw in yet another section.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Uncooked) in the distant future most people in the world will have differences in thoughts.  One group believes that I am their refuge and truly respect me.  They believe that my teachings are correct and when practiced to completion, it will lead them to completely overcome suffering. They believe in nibbana, heaven and hell and that there is such thing as good karma and bad karma. But they do not change, and when they die while still have passions and desires, they will be reborn. 

Another group is not sure if nibbana still exists in this time because it is long time ago that the Buddha was alive on this earth. 

They wonder if the Buddha’s teaching is still originally.  They wonder if monks that practice good self conduct will achieve nibbana.  They are full of doubts and uncertainty and because of this they fail to do any good deeds or practice ethic principles. They wander without refuge, lack in morality and finally find no refuge in their old age because they did not do any good deeds to prepare for the future. 

Another group will totally reject the concept of nibbana.  They do not believe in life after death and therefore are bound to mistreat their parents, society, steal Buddha images and sell them and steal from the temples.  When Buddhism comes to its declining state, people will misinterpret the Buddhas teachings and prefer immorality more and more.  It will not be long for all of us to hear and see this.

Dream No. 11

          King Pasenadis’ eleventh dream: – he saw a group of people exchanging cores of red sandal wood which is expensive to trade with just a pot of sour milk which is absolutely incomparable in value.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Core of red sandal wood) in the distant future, a group of people will trade my teachings for money. They will publish and sell them to make a living. They will try to make all kinds of business with my teachings to earn money which is incomparable to the value of the teachings.  It won’t be long then philosophers will interpret that my teachings are the same as other religions’ teachings.  They will say that I teach everybody to be good (but my teachings teaches people to achieve nibbana, which is reached by standing above good and bad) and philosophers will not practice my teachings but they will try to interpret my teachings to appear to be enlightened ones.  There will be lots of these philosophers in the future.  These calamities will occur towards the end of the Buddhist era.  It will not be long and all will certainly hear and witness this.

Dream No. 12

          King Pasenadis’ twelfth dream: – he saw a dried up hollow bottle gourd sinking into the water which would normally float on the water.  This truly baffled him.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Dried up hollow bottle gourd) in the distant future, good knowledgeable and wise individuals both monks and laymen who deserve praise and admiration in society will be hindered by groups of bullies repeatedly.  Good laymen will not get the chance to work in the countries administration. Those that are knowledgeable, capable and honest will not be elected into the higher government positions and if they will be elected then there will be groups of dishonest people working for their own benefits trying to harass them.  These dishonest people will regard the good people as evils and they will try to cover their own misconducts. 

Good people will not get a chance in their society and monks will get the similar treatment.  Good and well disciplined monks, highly educated, which strive for the achievement of nibbana or work to help the society will be considered as undesirable to them and get no respect from them.  They may share their abundant necessities but without clear conscience or they may just offer very small amounts just to get by.  Those monks will have a difficult life; people will not want to go into monk-hood for this reason.  Eventually, good monks will fade away and disappear from society.  This type of calamity will occur in the future and it will not be long before all will see and hear.

Dream No. 13

          King Pasenadis’ thirteenth dream: – he saw a solid block of stone as big as a ship floating of the surface of water like an empty bark.  Normally such stone would sink but that block of stone just floated on the surface of water.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Big solid stone) in the distant future, bad people will get praised and be admired in society.  They will have rank and power; they will be popular and dignified.  They will have many subordinates and followers.  If they were laymen they will be well-liked and respected everywhere they go.  The crowd will greet them and please them they are like a big mirror that reflexes the image of that country.  Prosperity or decline of the community of such a country will be seen in this big mirror. The congress is this big mirror; it reflects the character of the elected members.  The elected congressional members will have similar character to those that voted for them because they will pick the type of people that are similar to them.  The trait will be the same for clerics or ascetics, whether the religion will prosper or decline will depend on all of the 4 congregations. 

Without help, monks alone will not be eminent among the community.  Monks can become famous because their followers advertise their goodness or sacredness and the miracles they have performed.  Their followers advertise their knowledge and abilities, whether the monks like that or not. Disciples of some monks will determine the character of their own teachers and turn them into saints or so called “Established Saints”. 

Disciples will make the public know how strictly their teachers follow the principles, beyond the actual truth.  This is the floating solid stone that’s so eminent; it’s a business hiding beneath the yellow robes of the monks.  Some will arrange tours to visit temples just to get a cheap vacation and overcharge others in the group. Some of them will take a part of the donations.  Religion can not depend on these people because they misuse it to make a living.  Finally people will lose faith because they can see the unworthiness of monks in that era. People with wisdom, stability of mind, and the ability to reason will seek for “true” monks.  In the time of decline of Buddhism this type of calamity will certainly occur.  It will not be long for all to hear and see for themselves especially during the time of recession or war this will happen everywhere.

Dream No. 14

          King Pasenadis’ fourteenth dream: – he saw a small toad chasing an enormous cobra for a meal.  Once caught, the toad immediately devoured the snake.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (A small toad chasing enormous black cobra once caught she immediately devoured it as if it were a small insect) in the distant future, famous monks with great ability to give rhetoric  speeches gain influence and power. They start to play an important role in society, are respected and trusted by people and gain admiration. That makes them become conceited, without conscience, and they do not know how to be humble.

They lack of wisdom and therefore lack of the ability to control their five senses and the mind. They get attached to beautiful sights, sounds, fragrances, flavors, tangible sensations and pleasant thoughts. This will be followed by passion for love and sex. They become possessed by sexual desire and therefore small toads (women) will see the opportunity to seductively lure with charming words that fascinate the cobras. And then the toad devours the cobra.  In the distance future all will see and hear this for themselves.

Dream No. 15

King Pasenadis’ fifteenth dream: – he saw a crow surrounded by golden swans wherever the crow went, those golden swans will surround it as followers.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Golden swans served a crow) in the distant future, newly ordained monks and novices whose morals are not quite pure will surround, admire and pay respect to immoral monks as teachers.  The crow is clever and devious in giving gifts in return for the respect of all little swans, small swans, and big swans.  The swans will show how important the crow is by sending gifts every month. Every year they will gain more status and titles.  They will not work for religion but they flatter the housemaster for status in return.

 When the era of decline of Buddhism is coming, there will more immoral monks.  Monks and novices who lack of education and guidance in monkshood will not understand the discipline and their duties.  They will not conduct their daily prayer but just watch TV, those in the rural area will enter monkshood for the sake of tradition or they do it for money, some will do it on their parents’ request and while being ordained they will bring entertainment to the temple which violate the rules and regulations of priesthood and bring unwholesome kamma for their parents and relatives. They do not perform monks’ duties and lack of discipline.  They neither listen nor pay attention during dhamma teachings. They talk without respect and are even proud of their immoral behavior, without shame and not afraid of the results of their unwholesome deeds.  This will happen in the distant future and all will hear and see.

Dream No. 16

King Pasenadis’ sixteenth dream: – he saw a herd of goats hunting tigers and enjoying eating the tiger’s meat.

          Buddha made the prediction that: – (Tigers were afraid of being hunt by goats and disappeared) in the distant future, people will not be satisfied with a monarchy. They will turn against the monarchy and vote for democracy. In order to decrease the role and the power of the King they put him under the same administration and the same laws.  When the King rejects the proposal, they will start a coupe d’etat to seize power in accordance with their desires.  If any King resists, they will eradicate the monarchic regime of that country.  In some countries the King consents to the people’s demand and surrenders his power. Then he will be highly respected, trusted, and praised as their moral supporter and a God like individual and be the center of people’s moral. 

Once the King consents to the wishes of the people the voted democratic government will soon be misguided and believing that they rightfully deserve their status, they misuse their power to benefit themselves and their siblings.  Eventually there will be other equally powerful groups which to try to take over and this will endlessly go on.  This type of event will happen in the distant future and we all will hear and see it.

Things to ponder

          Readers, men and women, bear in mind that we all have to support goodness to set good samples for the future of our descendants.  We should regard Buddha’s predictions as “Forecast”.  Forecasts are superior to predictions because predictions are meant for short term. 

What’s the meaning of it being superior? 

For example, predictions were made by astrologers of the king and by the 108 Brahmins which were invited to the palace, to make predictions for the future of Prince Siddhartha. These predictions had to be calculated concerning time, factors and mathematic formulas.  Buddha used his special wisdom that he had gained through practicing uncountable lifetimes and through his ability to clearly visualize.  He only spoke of his forecast once and never again and all of them came true as he’d said it over two thousand years ago. 

Almost every forecast happens in today’s society. These forewarnings were given to the world to acknowledge – not only for King Pasenadi.  We can see it happen in many societies in the world.  The author of this book did not believe it as he read the scriptures but came to realize how accurate the forecast was, as he reflected on many occurrences throughout many epochs.  His forecast truly benefits the world and therefore the author decided to compile and give it to those who have faith in the Buddha’s teachings.  The author wants to apologize for any error that the book may have.  Any merits will be given to those who helped in publishing this book.  The author wishes all those involved in the publishing of this book, prosperity and happiness.

The Translators and Reviser also ask for apology for any mistakes in the translation.


Five Stabilities

          After the Parinibbana (final nibbana) of the Buddha, these forecasts have marked periodically every 500 years rising and 500 years of decline of morality and ethics.

          1.  Stabilized freedom; 500 years after Buddha’s death, moral principles prospered, people were abundant with merits, faith was unwavering and many achieved ultimate wisdom and became liberated. (From B.E. 1-500)

          2.  Stabilized concentration ; the second 500 years after Buddha’s death, people tried to earn merit from meditation practice therefore people meditated more, and many reached a high level of absorption (jhana). (From B.E. 500-1000)

          3.  Stabilized listeners; the third 500 years after Buddha’s death, less merit was done, many observed and knew the teachings well, they were talking about the teaching but fewer actually practiced. (From B.E. 1000-1500)

          4.  Stabilized temples; the fourth 500 years after Buddha’s death, in this period those  who ordained were not pleased in listening to the teachings, they concentrated on building temples, pagodas and living places, to improve their image or to have better accommodation while being a monk. (From B.E. 1500-2000)

5.     Stabilized controversy; the fifth 500 years after his death, in this Buddhist era religion deteriorated.  The observers of the teachings abandoned the Sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration) and Panna (wisdom) but contradicted and competed among themselves, misbehaved, violated the principles to the point of condemnation. They did not believe in the principles “doing good, will have good results and doing bad will have bad results” (From B.E. 2000-2500)

          Once Phra Ananda dreamed of a large lion death, immediately there were maggots all over the lion.  Phra Ananda told the Buddha about his dream the Buddha sighed and said to Phra Ananda, “In the future buddhism will be destroyed by people within the Sangha.”  So in the fifth era religious doctrines and people will be competing with one another. They will cause a great number of controversies; they will fight for status and benefits secretly and out in the open.

          “500 years after” means this last era, from now on – two thousand five hundred and some years after Buddha’s death, is the time that moral principles will flourish again.  The circle of dhamma returns to the first five hundred years of Stabilized freedom, an era that saves mankind from being unwholesome throughout the three worlds (heaven, earth, and hell).

Predictions of the Buddha Part 2

The World’s Revolution

          Buddha’s teachings predicted about changes in the world. World means creatures that includes mountains, plants, rivers, water, natural resources such as minerals and humans change as time passes.

          A group of pilgrims undertook the mission to go to India to bring relics of the Buddha and the Bodhitree in B.E. 2484. They replicated Buddha’s predictions from a stone inscription at the Deerpark in Benares as follows:

          Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu! The Buddha having compassion for all creatures that were born to struggle, when his death was near, he said to his disciple Phra Ananda:

          “Listen to me Ananda, all creatures that are born into this world have to suffer, no matter what nationality, religion, believe they are, everywhere, all over the world, they all have to go to an end.

My teaching will last 5,000 years after my death, when the world reach the half time of my teaching (2,500 years), half of all human and animals will face major catastrophes from all directions.  Within 30 years, they will see things that they have never seen before, a stone giant that was cursed to sleep will wake up to create disturbances.

 At the half time of my religion, there will be more dangers by day and night. People following other beliefs will kill one another; bloodshed will be everywhere, on land and in the seas.  Dangers will also come from every direction of the sky.  Fire will continuously to burn mankind; they will destroy each other like blood thirsty demons.  Rage will come over land and sea.  When half of mankind has been eradicated the battles will cease because each side will be exhausted.

          For those that stay in virtue, their suffering will be less severe.  Those that pay respect to the Bodhitree and the robes (of Buddhist monks) the calamity will be minimized but still even they will be unable to escape nature.

          From year 2485 B.E. fire will spread to the east and burns temples.  Monks, Nuns, laymen and Laywomen will suffer starvation, people will live in the jungles, and animals will come to town.  Cities will be in turmoil because of selfish people.  Fireballs from flaming skies (like bombs), metals will rise from seas (missiles). 

The oceans will have strong turbulences, the crust of the earth will be affected, and Tsunamis will swallow millions of animal and human continuously for years.  There will be 7 Tsunamis.  The first Tsunami will hit Thailand and Indonesia, the second will hit Indonesia, and the third will hit the east region of Thailand.  It will happen twice at every location and nearby areas. 

This type of events occurred a thousand years ago and will happen again in the next century, due to global warming. People try to control nature and end up destroying it (example: the powerful countries in the world doing experiments with atomic bombs).  Wars happens everywhere, constant battles, military will be superior in almost every country.  Food will be short in supply, people will starve.  Chaos will happen among classes and castes.  Orders will reverse in many levels.

          Once Buddhism passed through the year of the big snake, people will crawl instead of walking, in the year of small snake, the river banks will collapse, and land will submerge under the sea.  In the year of chicken the earth will be dark for 7 days and 7 nights and heads for disaster.  Scrupulous people will escape the catastrophe and develop Metta (Loving kindness) and Sila (Morality).  They should recite the following chant every morning and evening :

          “He ta she ra tan   Mon ka lo un ka   Si la ka la sa   Sa sa sa  Ti ho tat hi ho ku ha ka nae”  recite this verse regularly, write it down on paper or white cloth and pin it to the front of the house or head of the bed or wrap it around your head to escape or avoid dangers and disasters. 

          Listen to me Ananda, I feel compassion with all living beings in this world that only live to the half time of the era when it crumbles.  In the year of the dog after my religion declines, the moon will begin to emit rays to the earth. Then in the year of the rat or 30 years after, the unscrupulous, those who lack ethic principles and are devoid of morality will vanish from the face of the earth, because they do not believe in and disrespect the teachings. The unscrupulous will eventually be defeated, the garuda will fly back to the skies; monks from the forests will return to the cities and preserve the teachings.

 Morality will win.  Religion will stay as national institution; people will be ethical and will not exploit one another.  Everyone will return to a life with moral principles and they will live with contentment.   A righteous man will be born as a prince with the heart of a bodhisattva and under the guidance of a certain patriarch who is a bodhisattva as well; they will nourish my teaching and make it bloom again.

          This era is the “civilized” era; a certain patriarch will be born 2454 years after my death.  2467 to 2486 years after my death the righteous bodhisattva will be born in the royal family.  Both of them will reside on the east side of central India.  Between the year of the dog and pig these two will completely reestablish Buddhism.  84,000 monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen will come.  Ananda, I feel compassion with all sentient beings.  There is not much time left so living beings should not be heedless. Those who knew, should pass this knowledge on, otherwise they create unwholesome kamma with all living beings.  All will come to an end when time has come.

Horoscope of Thailand According to the Forecast

          This is not Buddha’s prediction.

          Thailand’s horoscope as predicted by a group of astrologers back at the beginning of the city of Bangkok, on the 1st of April 2325 B.E.  tenth day of the sixth waxing moon.  The city was forecasted to 10 eras as follow:

          1.  Horrendous Evil was in the first reign of Chakri dynasty.  Fighting and war united the land securely.  The situation in this era is called “Horrendous Evil” because right after the coronation the king had to conquer the unrest outside of the country.  He had to fight with Burma several times and had to bring his troops to strike Tawai. He was forced to declare important laws such as rebel conquering law, palace law governing the members of the Royal Household and the martial law.  There were many apprehensive incidents therefore the astrologers called this era as “Horrendous Evil”.

          2.  Prayers for Giant the second reign of Chakri dynasty 2363 B.E.  There was a widespread of the Asiatic cholera in the capital city.  Many people died each day and the cemetery of Saket temple, Sungwej temple, Bophitphimook temple etc., were full of corpses.

Along the river and canals were floating corpses which made the people unable to drink and use the water.  The smell of corpses was everywhere.  The streets were abundant and silent no pedestrian were seen because they were hiding in their homes, afraid of contracting the disease.  His Majesty the King ordered the firing of cannons ceremony around the walls of the palace for 1 night, to respect the Emerald Buddha and Buddha’s relics. He asked various temples to pray “Prayers for Giant” to chase despicable curses believed to be the cause of the illness.  The plaque lasted almost 2 months and caused over 30,000 deaths.  This is why “Prayers for Giant” is the name for this era.

          3.  Love the Poets getting into the third reign of Chakri dynasty, people liked to write poems, verses, long musicals.  One important and famous poet of that time is Sunthorn Phu. Thailand made friendly relations with many countries such as in the year 2367 B.E.  Thailand allied with England. Thailand fought again with Burma.  The Thai army moved in and struck at Peguan border in 2369 B.E. England sent captain Henry Burney as a diplomatic agent to meet with the King, an amicability contract was drafted and in 2376 B.E.  an American named S. Roman Robert brought a message from the 7th President of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson was seeking friendship with Thailand.  This was the”Love the Poets” era.

          4.  Religious the fourth reign of Chakri dynasty favored religiousness.  The king was very focused on religion and so he entered the monkshood for 27 years before he descended on the throne.  He built many temples for the Dhammayut tradition, communicated with many countries in Europe and brought in and modified European culture to Thailand.  This is the “Religious” era.

          5.  Surrender the land Thailand faced many difficulties when the great powers from the western world tried to conquer Thailand.  France and England tried very hard to colonize Thailand.  This saddened the Thai people a great deal because the land is a privilege to Thai people and was allotted 14 times.  The 5th reign of Chakri dynasty had to surrender some of the land to foreign countries that were invading, in order to keep independence and stay peaceful.  The 5th reign of Chakri dynasty had to combine the teachings of the Buddha with diplomacy which were the 7 principles of high morals throughout the whole confrontation, hence the name Surrender the land.

          6.  Populace Poor the 6th reign of Chakri dynasty, Thailand entered the World War I.  Every country involved suffered fallen economy, people were poor.  The population had to endure lots of hardships.  This is the Populace Poor era.

          7.  Complain Population in the 7th reign of Chakri dynasty the country was disorganized.  Trend of changes in the administration began to reach Thailand.  People were articulated and therefore it is the Complain Population era.  Even the newly reigned King Rama VII mentioned that “I was born in the era that the curtain is about to be drawn”.  The suffering of the population worsened due to the fallen economy till the overthrow of the administration occurred in 2475 B.E. Peoples’ committees rescinded the system that put the King above the law and changed to democracy with the King as the chief of the country.

This era was called Complaint Population.

          8.  Savage Era World War II, Hiroshima, Japan was bombed by an atomic bomb killing countless people.  It was the most lethal war weapon ever.  At the same time the King Rama VII decided to become a King under the constitution.  The situation in the country became even gloomier soon after, uprising and chaos occurred regularly.  There were executions of some political prisoners.  In the later period Thailand was at war and the population suffered severely, costs of living were sky rocketed.  Politicians were corrupted and ultimately the 8th regent of the Chakri dynasty was mysteriously assassinated.  This era matched the prediction as the Savage Era fully.

9.White Crows Territory 9th reign of Chakri dynasty prior to 2500 B.E., the country developed into civilization.  In this era Thailand has developed very good relations with foreign countries. Many foreign countries established international aiding organizations here in Thailand and many Thais went for education to foreign countries.  The congressional committee had the opportunity to see the world.  Thailand entered the social communication era.  People conducted businesses boundlessly.  International companies had a great deal of influence so it is also called Globalization era.  There was a lot of financial freedom.  Prosperity and progress of the country brought in western technology.  It’s an era that uses politics as business, business of corruption, deforestation to the point that Thailand lost its financial independence to foreign countries.

There are 3 threats and 8 distresses which are:

          Economic threats are inflation, high costs of living, bankrupted businesses, debts throughout the population and unemployment.

          Epidemic threats are cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer, uterus cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, AIDS, bird flu, respiratory cancer, yellow rain, bacteria of the brain and drugs.

          Natural threats that kill many people such as flood, fire, gas explosions, land slide, tsunami.  The first time occurred between Indonesia and Thailand, the second time happened in Indonesia and the third time will happen along the eastern seaboard of Thailand.  This will be very extensive and it will affect many countries and in 2550 – 2553 B.E. Bangkok will be severely flooded.  Thailand will have economic losses.

          The actual 3 threats and 8 distresses should end in 2546 B.E.  The last 3 years prior to the ending (this started from the month of July 2542 – 2546) there will be catastrophes wiping out mankind in many locations on earth.  Earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan, frequent plane crashes, flood in many countries. The experts predicted that the loss of human lives will be 1% or 60 million people due to the tilted axis of the earth, increase in magnetic fields on earth separated religions and kingdoms. Going through this era will not be very easy.

          10.  Civilized People is the era that the country will prosper and progress.  Population will be happy and civilized.  This civilized people era is peaceful.  Christianity calls it the new world era, an era of righteousness.  Jupiter will rest and Saturn will orbit faster for 3 years and on the 5th of May 2000 A.D. a group of 9 stars will line up.

          11.  Overturned Crisis becomes Opportunity to make the 3 threats and 8 distresses dissolve.  The country was calculated into white crow territory era the land of the civilized, by relying on a group of stars that line up as follow: Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Moon, Earth, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Saturn.  Pluto will be taken away from the group of planets to realign the amicability between religions and the world to be as one in order to enter the civilized era.  In the future people will be more generous to one another which derives from the loss of their families, from wars between people that use religion as bargaining tools. Some religions use youths as bargaining tool or rely on the masses as bargaining tool against the law of the land.  But eventually grief and compassion intensify and end the war because the victims are not just the enemies but they themselves are the ones affected.  They will become religious and vegetarian to try to redeem their misdeed, and they will be kind to one another.

And on that day that a group of stars line up straight, religions and the country become one.

          This good fortune can set off the ultimate truth era as follow:

          White Crow territory is the era of the Civilized Land.

          Civilized people era is an era of the physically civilized, morally kind.

          Great country Thailand is an era in which the country is economically and financially great.

          Great Emperor is an era of the great emperor, rich and happy.

          1.  2482 – 2492 B.E.  Evil era.

          2.  2492 – 2502 B.E.  Visiting friends era.

          3.  2502 – 2512 B.E.  Losing territory era.

          4.  2512 – 2522 B.E.  Havoc era.                                                

          5.  2522 – 2532 B.E.  Land taken over by the outlaw era.

          6.  2532 – 2542 B.E.  Prosper socialite era.

          7.  2542 – 2552 B.E.  Admiring the traitor era.

          8.  2552 – 2562 B.E.  Grievance land era.

          9.  2562 – 2572 B.E.  Alleviated world era.

          10.  2572 – 2582 B.E.  Worry free era.

          The present time is in 7th era “Admiring the traitor” it’s an era that unmoral attitudes affect the country, causes the country to be disunited, facing all kinds of troubles.  There is a forecast toward the end of year of the dog 2549 B.E. period of moonless nights.  People will suffer from many causes.  This is called 8 distresses and they are:

          Distress from flood coming from the melting ice mountains which raise the sea level

          Distress from selfishness

          Distress from lack of food

          Distress from family separation

          Distress from death in the fields

          Distress from inconvenience to leave the country

          Distress from inability to sleep

          The capital did not only suffer from war but also from other endless problems.  These 8 distresses will occur in Thailand and other democracy countries because people will abuse their rights and ruin others’ rights without shame.  They only focus on self profit.  The mass media war clash with the government will occur.  The experts will get talkative yet pointless.

Government minor officials will become scapegoats.  The top administrator will bring their followers as subordinates.  Many groups will use the country’s benefit as a front to build trust from the people.  These types of people only seek to profit themselves.  It will not be long before we get to see for ourselves.  As a matter of fact, the author learned from many teachers about forecasting Thailand and the changes in the world mentioned.  The seas will become mountains, mountains will turn into flat land, villages will become cemeteries, and humans will eat dogs.  Bullies will takeover again.  Those that believe that they are in the upper class will wear skimpy clothes or non at all.  Modeling will become undressing (calling it a new fashion).

 The author could not truly believe that the teachers’ forecast will come true and did not quite agree with them at first.  But today, I understand and witness the reality of the forecast.  If the readers are interested to read more about which provinces will face the most dangers, they should do so and will understand better.  Who will solve the problems for Thailand?  What’s the name of the prince on a white horse who brings back prosperity? 

          I will like to thank those that were interested enough to have read the whole book.  It will not be a bad idea to prepare yourself and be careful.  The author is always prepared as well because I have not believed in the forecast until I saw it for myself.

          The author wishes everybody to escape all dangers, stay healthy, wealthy and happy!

          If buddhism exists, we stay alive.

          If buddhism vanishes, Thai will exist no longer.


Biographical Data (Phra Khru Palat Veeranon Veerananto)

Phra Khru Palat Veeranon Veerananto was born on Sunday the 21st of October 2505 B.E., the 11th of waning moon of the 11th month at 29 Moo 6, Sub-district Moungboa, Kasetwisai District, Roi Et.


– Graduated from Chantharubegsanusorn High school, Kasetwisai District, Roi Et.

– Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion Education, Mahidol University.

– Master of Arts in Teaching in Thai Education, Rajabhat Thonburi University.

Entering the Monkshood

Study of the Tripitaka and Meditation.

He entered monkshood in the year 2525 B.E.

He was a disciple of  Luangpoo Bhimbha Kowito who was a disciple of  Luang Poo Fan Arjaro .

Phra Khru Palat Veeranon practiced Meditation and the Dhutanga practices of a forest monk for 11 years. Then he followed an invitation from Phra Khru Paibul Samutsarn, the abbot of Wat Sinvisethsuttaram who asked him to help teaching meditation at this temple.

Phra Khru Paibul Samutsarn was a disciple of Luang Poo Sukh of Wat Pakklongmakhamthao.

At that time Phra Khru Paibul Samutsarn was 89 years of age and one of the teachers that Phra Phimoldham (Somdet Buddhacharn) of Wat Mahatat Bangkok gave a great deal of respect. He was excellent in his meditation practice and he was also a master of the Tripitaka of that era.

Phra Khru Palat Veeranon became a disciple of Phra Khru Paibul Samutsarn and practiced Meditation and strictly observed the Vinaya.

Phra Khru Paibul Samutsarn therefore recommended him to become a disciple of Somdet

Phra Phimoldham and to study the practice of the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness (4 satipatthana), the  practice of Anapanasati from Somdet Phra Phimoldham.

He also studied Meditation practice with the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw (Sophone Mahathera) formerly Principal of Meditation Masters of Myanmar (Burma). 

This trip to Myanmar was a pilgrimage journey.  He spent a year studying the practice in Myanmar.

Returning to Thailand he studied Meditation with Phra Rachvitee (Maha Chotdok Thera) at Wat Mahathat for 3 months and was teaching meditation at various places to this day.


Public services and dissemination of Buddhism

– Formerly an abbot of Wat Pathomkongka in Kasetvisai District, Roi Et.

– Formerly acting as an abbot of Wat Tat in Kasetvisai District, Roi Et.

– Teaching detainees in prisons for Samut Songkhram during 2537 – 2540 B.E.

– Teacher of camp Buddha Butra.

– Teacher for Sikhao School of mobile meditation center of Thailand at Wat Suwanprasith, Bang Kapi, Bangkok.

– Meditation Master teaching monks of mobile meditation center of Thailand

  During 2530 – 2540 B.E.

– First in Thailand to be invited to teach in Spain for 5 months in both study and practice of      


– The only Buddhist monk from Thailand to be invited to meditate and pray for world peace in

  Tibet, together with 3,000 Chinese, Tibetan and Buddhist monks from other countries.  In this occasion, there were 12  Tibetan monk with Rinpoche level which is a the highest rank for Tibetan monks. Rinpoches follow next to Dalai Lama and are highly competent in meditation. They also participated in this event of meditation and praying in 2549 B.E.


– An abbot of Watpacharoenratdhammaram, Lam Luka District, Pathum Thani.

– Chairman of Wimoldhamma Foundation.

– Meditation Master for newly ordained monks of Lam Luka, Pathumthani.

– Meditation Master of Mahidol University dental students.

– Meditation Master of medical science, Chulalongkorn University.

– Meditation Master for Thai Young Buddhist Practice Association Project.

– Meditation Master for students, general public, regional government agencies and

  private sectors.

– Meditation Master for Thai and foreign Buddhists at the temple throughout the year.


– The Happy Couple.

– Nostradamus’ Predictions.

– Mysterious of the World.

– Overseas Pilgrimage.

– Meditation for Life.

– Contrary of Dhamma.

– 16 Predictions of the Buddha

– Freedom of Mind