Building a Meditation Center in Bhutan

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His Eminence Tsugla Rinpoche wants to build a Meditation Center in Jimthang village. It should be mainly available for woman and young people to study and practice the Dhamma. Right now there are no Meditation facilities for laywomen and young people. The Jimthang temple has to be rebuild and then we build a retreat house. Later we might be able to give this facility also for foreign meditation students in Bhutan.

Our Project in Bhutan is to build a Retreat Center for nuns, women and young people in Bhutan. Right now mainly monks have the opportunity to do buddhist studies. It is rare that nuns and women have access to such studies. His Eminence Tsugla Lopen Samten Dorji Rinpoche, one of the most referred monks in Bhutan, has initiated this project by asking MC Brigitte to come to Bhutan and help him building a Womens Center, which should have a place for women to study dhamma, a women refuge house a place for young Bhutanese to meditate and study Buddhism. Jimthang monastery a old monastery which has not been in use for many years has been
offered to His Eminence and he accepted it to start building such a facility.

Thank you for helping!!!

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