Thailand Flood Relief 2011 – Project Completed

€146.974 of €100.000 raised

Starting in September 2011 until January 2012 Thailand suffered from terrible flooding. MC Brigitte Social Projects has organized a Flood Relief Project in connection with the Austrian Ambassador and his wife. With generous donations from all over the world, we where able to help flood victims in many ways.

Thanks to all generous supporters.


What we did with the incoming donations for that project:

Incoming Donations (Wat Prayong & MC Brigitte): 4,327,092.00 Bht

From Project MC Brigitte & Austrian Embassy Bangkok 1,100,493.88 Bht

How we used these Donations

1.10.– 19.11.2011 50 Days Food Distribution in Ayuddhaya 1,000,000.00 Bht (about 20,00 Bht/ Portion x 1,000 Portions/Day)

5,000 Emergency Packages 2,835,000.00 Bht (567 Bht/Package)

Direct financial Help for Victims (Restoration of houses and living quarters) 492,092.00 Bht

Together „Relief Project Wat Prayong – MC Brigitte & Austrian Embassy“ 4,327,092.00 Bht

Whenever we enter Thailand we are received with a smile. Now we could return some of these smiles to the Thai people.

Thanks again in the name of all victims to everyone who has supported this project!


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Donation Total: €100,00