Running supports for the “AIDS Temple” Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu Lopburi

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Since years we do our best to support the AIDS Temple. This place is doing such good work for full blown AIDS patients. The temple needs about 5 million+ Thai Baht a month to survive. Almost all of this money is coming from donations. I also want to mention the generosity of Joerg Dittmar, who made a video about the “HIV Band” of that temple. He offered the Video to the temple to help them getting more support.

The “Aidstemple” in Lopburi, Thailand, Wat Phra Baht Nam Puk is doing great work in helping full blown Aids patients. Joerg Dittmar did a video to help supporting the temple. Donations are very much needed, because the temple needs about 5.000.000 Thai Baht a month.

Thank you for helping!!!

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