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Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Thailand

1. December - 7. December


Wat Prayong Gittivanaram has been founded by the venerable Phra Acharn Phet in 2007. At that time there was only a pond surrounded by a small walking path and just enough space to build a simple wooden hut where acharn stayed to practice meditation. Within a short time people knew that there was a meditating monk and many came to pay respect to him and ask him for advice on how to solve their problems in life. After a few months the owner of the land offered a piece of land to him and they started to build a hall where the monks and laypeople could do meditation practice and chantings. At that time Phra Acharn Phet told his close students already that “in future there will be thousands of westerners and thais practicing meditation here”.

In 2009 Mae Chee Brigitte an austrian nun and meditation master, came to help teaching meditators in english-, german- and thai-language. Now Wat Prayong is open for practitioners from all religious backgrounds and traditions. It is a place known for open-mindedness and respect for all living beings. Everyone is welcome at Wat Prayong.

Monthly Retreat Schedule

arrival day
arrive before 16h receive accomodation & change to white clothes
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting
18.30h receive the 8precepts and a short welcome talk from the abbot, first instructions by mc brigitte
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

2 – 6 day of the retreat
04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
tea and coffee
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h – 09:45h walking meditation
10.00h – 10.30h guided meditation
10.30h offering lunch to the sangha and mindfully eating
12.00h – 14.00h midday break
14.00h – 14.45h walking meditation
15.00h – 16.00h afternoon working meditation
16.00h – 17.00h break
17.00h – 18.00h evening chanting and meditation with the monks
18.30h – 19.50h evening teaching and guided meditation
20.00h – 21.00h night chanting

7th day of the retreat
04.30h – 05.30h morning chanting and meditation with the monks
06.00h – 07.30h working meditation
07.30h breakfast
09.00h we meet at the chanting hall, the abbot gives the 5 precepts and a short departure talk.
after the abbot’s talk you can give donations for the temple to him (for food, electricity, water, maintenence)
10.00h we free living fish in the canal nearby
11.00h lunch – after lunch the retreat is completed.
donations for the teacher can be given on 6th day of the retreat at the evening session 18:30h


1. December
7. December


Wat Prayong Gittivanaram
Wat Prayong Gittivanaram International Meditation Center, 22 Moo 4 Prachsamran Road, Klong 12, Nong Chok
Bangkok, Nong Chok 10530 Thailand


MC Brigitte

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