Mind & Metta is a non-profit association which was founded by a group of students in Germany with the goal to support MC Brigitte.


MC Brigitte


Mae Chee Brigitte Schrottenbacher has been active for a peaceful world for quite a long time, at least since she began living as a Buddhist nun in Thailand in 1989. For 28 of those years, she has been teaching various forms of meditation in accordance with the Theravada tradition, and for some years also Vajrayana Buddhism from Bhutan. The Buddha's teachings have served her as a guideline in promoting the inner and outer peace of many people and their efforts to coexist in harmony with nature. However, all of these activities are non-denominational and thus not committed to any particular religion. You can find more information about Mae Chee Brigitte and her projects at the links below.

Up until quite recently, MC Brigitte has managed her projects on her own, but in April 2020 a group of her students decided to found a registered, non-profit association in Germany to better support her: Mind and Metta.

The goals of Mind and Metta are:

- To provide specific support as well as more general donations for MC Brigitte's commitment to inner and outer peace for people, animals, and the earth
- To create opportunities for donations from organizations and institutions
- To allow donations to be deducted from the taxes of both individuals and institutions
- To provide structured help from volunteers on a project basis and/or on site
- To establish a meditation center in Europe as the basis for MC Brigitte's activities (After the establishment of an association in Germany, a sister organization is to be founded in Thailand.)

MC Brigitte

We are looking for additional board members and support in different areas

We are looking for additional board members for Mind and Metta, especially in Germany. Those members should have experience in non-profit organizations in Germany (accounting, tax exemptions, etc.).

Further, we need support in the following areas:

- Legal advice on the foundation of the association, namely the formulation of statutes, registration as a non-profit association, and tax exemption
Technical support for financial planning in Germany

- Fund-raising

- Website design and social media communication

You are least 18 years old, independent, well organized, and willing to get involved in the long term? Contact us if you want to make a contribution to our association: meditationthailand@yahoo.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

MC Brigitte

Financial support

All social projects and the living costs of MC Brigitte are financed by donations. Normally, the majority of these donations come from retreats in Europe – which cannot take place this year.

MC Brigitte's Online-Teachings on Zoom are open to everyone and 100% free of charge, but we all know that only donations make this possible. Nuns do not get much support from their temples and completely depend on donations. We all can show solidarity by lending a helping hand, so please consider making a donation to support MC Brigitte's activities. Every euro helps!

Suggested donations:

- With 15 euros, you contribute to paying for one month of the Zoom Account
- With 70 euros, you provide basic support for 10 nuns in Thailand for one month
- With 150 euros, you contribute to the costs of MC Brigitte’s teaching activities in Europe for one week, including transportation, housing, and food

For credit card payments with PayPal click here.

Do you want to support MC Brigitte and her projects on a regular basis Patreon

For wire transfer (EU, Switzerland and Thailand):

Within EU transfer to Austrian Account
BAWAG Austria Bank
Branch Hallein
Brigitte Schrottenbacher
Ac/Nr. 513-10-785-010
IBAN: at251400051310785010
BLZ 14000

Within Switzerland to Swiss Post Bank
Swiss Post Bank
Barbara Dahinden
Ac/Nr. 87-417485-2
IBAN: CH95 0900 0000 8741 7485 2

Within Thailand
Siam Commercial Bank P C L
0382 Sub-Branch Big C Tiwanon
Brigitte Schrottenbacher
Ac/Nr. 382-204533-1
swift-code: sicothbk

Please mention what you want your donation to be used for! Otherwise it will be used for the most urgent project.